Candy Cane Body Butter - Easy No Heat Recipe

Candy Cane Body Butter - Easy No Heat Recipe

Ready to enjoy some luxurious body butter that smells like candy canes? Yummy holiday aroma and nourishing oils make this recipe a winner. 

This candy cane recipe is easy to make because no heating is required. You can whip this up quickly with a hand held mixer.

The base for this recipe is shea butter. It is a thick butter than is very rich and moisturizing. Here is the brand I used for this recipe and it turned out great:

Peppermint essential oil has a minty fresh aroma that is penetrating and cooling. It can help reduce inflammation and promote circulation. Inhaling peppermint is not only refreshing but also energizing. 

Vanilla absolute oil has an incredibly recognizable aroma that is just heavenly. This is not vanilla extract. It is an oleoresin that has been solvent extracted and technically is called an absolute and not an essential oil. Edens Garden make a wonderful one:

Candy Cane Body Butter Recipe

 Step 1: Place shea butter in a mixing bowl

Step 2: Add argan oil

Step 3: Add jojoba oil

Step 4: Add Peppermint essential oil

Step 5: Add Vanilla absolute oil

Step 6: Mash all ingredient together with a fork

Step 7: Mix with handheld mixer for about 3 minutes until the oils are whipped together and fluffy

Step 8: Transfer to mason jar and close with lid

This recipe is at 2% dilution. Best if used within 6 months of making. Keep in cool environment and out of sun. To use, take a small scoop of butter and apply to skin as desired.

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Candy Cane Body Butter - Easy No Heat Recipe by Loving Essential Oils

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