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Fruit & Veggie Cleaning Spray Recipe With Essential Oils

Posted by Jennifer Lane on

There are several reasons you should wash your fruit and veggies before you eat them. Some reasons are germs, pesticides, dirt, wax, bug residual, etc.

Using a produce cleaning spray is a great method to remove unwanted residue left behind that water alone can't remove. Citrus oils are recommended for this as they can bind to all the residue and remove it from the foods. You can buy a produce wash but there really is no need, it is easy and cheap to make, plus you will know exactly what is in your spray.

Fruit & Veggie Cleaning Spray Recipe


Add ingredients to 8 oz spray bottle and shake to mix. To use, shake well & spray on produce in a bowl, let sit for a few minutes, then rinse & air dry.

Fruit & Veggie Cleaning Spray Recipe With Essential Oils


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