DIY Lavender Essential Oil Linen Spray Recipe - Bed of Flowers

DIY Lavender Essential Oil Linen Spray Recipe - Bed of Flowers

Ever read the labels of bath and body care products available on the market? You may see words like "fragrance" or even "lavender" but unfortunately, they are probably synthetic fragrances and not essential oils. One great reason to make homemade products is that you KNOW what is in the bottle. Here is a simple and easy DIY lavender essential oil linen spray recipe called "Bed of Flowers".

Essential Oil Linen Spray for Sleep - DIY Lavender Linen Spray

Essential Oil Linen Spray for Sleep

Linen sprays are a great way to freshen up your linens and bedding while encouraging zzz's thanks to the relaxing aroma of lavender. Lavender (Lavandula angustifoliahas so many positive benefits that it is a must-have essential oil that in my opinion, every household should have.

Not only can this DIY linen spray help reduce stress, ease anxiety, and promote better sleep, but it boasts antibacterial and antifungal properties too. It's a great, all-natural way to get rid of lingering odors.

Besides lavender oil, this blend contains geranium oil and sweet orange oil. It has a fresh, floral, clean, and calming scent that is sure to bring some life back to stale sheets.

DIY Lavender Essential Oil Linen Spray - Bed of Flowers


1. Combine grain alcohol and essential oils in the spray bottle and swirl bottle around until blended together.

2. Fill the rest of the bottle with water, leaving room at the top for the sprayer. Add spray top and shake well.

3. To use, shake well and lightly mist the linen spray over sheets, pillows, and bedding to freshen up your environment. Be sure to do at least 10 minutes before bedtime so they have a chance to dry.

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Homemade Linen Spray Recipe Tips

  • Be sure to label your spray including date made.
  • If you omit the grain alcohol, you need to make a fresh batch after a few weeks because there are no preservatives in the spray.
  • Need a substitute for geranium essential oil? Try another floral essential oil like rose, roman chamomile, or rose geranium. 
  • You need to shake well before each use because water and oils do not mix.
  • Time to change your sheets? That is a great time to mist the spray on your mattress!
  • You can test a small area first if you have any concerns about the safe use of the spray on your linen.

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Homemade Lavender Linen Spray Recipe by Loving Essential Oils with Lavender, Geranium and Sweet Orange Essential Oil

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