How to Use Terracotta Pendants for Aromatherapy

How to Use Terracotta Pendants for Aromatherapy

Diffuser necklaces are a fabulous way to enjoy essential oils. They allow you to experience aromatherapy throughout the day and you only need one drop of oil!

It is like your own personal aromatherapy session that last as long as you want it to last.

Use is extremely simple and fast, so you have no excuses to let your oil bottles get dusty. Less than 5 minutes to prepare and wear :)

Aromatherapy necklaces also make great gifts for friends, family and even business associates. Just pair with a bottle of lavender or orange essential oil and place into a gift bag. A thoughtful and beautiful gift for that special someone made easy!

Our terracotta pendants come with a gift box too so we make it even easier to give as a gift. Just add a nice gift tag to it.

What Is The Best Type Of Diffuser Necklace?

The best type of diffuser necklace, in my opinion, is a terracotta clay diffuser necklace. They are natural, effective and beautiful.

Terracotta diffuser pendents are highly effective at creating a long lasting aromatherapy experience that is just amazing.

Kiln fired terracotta is durable and light weight which makes this material great for daily use. No chemicals or glazes are added to the terracotta diffuser pendants that we offer on Loving Essential Oils:

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Why Terra Cotta Clay Is The Best For Diffuser Necklaces?

Terracotta is a type of clay that when fired becomes porous. Terra cotta comes from the Italian words for "baked earth". It has a natural brownish orange color.

Kiln-fired terracotta clay is an extremely effective diffusing medium for essential oils because of its porous nature and durability.

When terracotta clay is kiln fired at high temperatures, the moisture from the clay evaporates. This process leaves tiny air pockets behind. These air pockets are perfect reservoirs for essential oils.

When essential oils are dropped onto terracotta pendants, these tiny pores absorb the oil. This allows essential oils to slowly and consistently diffuse into the air around you as the pores are exposed to air.

The slow release of oils that occurs creates a long lasting aromatherapy experience for the user every time they breath.

How To Use Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Using a clay diffuser necklace is one of the simplest methods to enjoy essential oils. Here's how:

Step 1: Place diffuser pendant on a flat surface facing upward.

Step 2: Add 1 drop of your choice of essential oil onto the pendant face. Use an essential oil that you think will best assist you during your day.

Step 3: Allow time for the drop to completely absorb, only a couple minutes. If you use before absorbed, the pooled oil will drip off onto your clothes. It can still be damp when you put it on, just not pooled with oils. It will dry fairly quick and no longer leave the oil mark.

Step 4: Put the necklace on and take a deep breath!

The aroma usually lasts 1-2 days. Throughout the day you will get nice whiffs of the oil. Need an extra boost? Bring the pendant up near your nostrils and take a deep breath in.

You can use a different oil the next day if you desire but there may be some residual oil left from the previous day.

If you want to start fresh with a new oil, you will need to let the pendant air out for about 3 days to be sure all the essential oil that was previously used has evaporated.

Do not use carrier oils or pre-diluted essential oils on terracotta pendants.

Carrier oils can clog the pores and cause the necklace to be less effective. Carrier oils do not evaporate the same way that essential oils do.

Using blue colored essential oils on necklace may stain the pendant.

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