6 Cocoa Butter Benefits and Its Hidden Beauty Secrets

6 Cocoa Butter Benefits and Its Hidden Beauty Secrets

We’ve heard about it and we’ve obsessed over the aromatic appeal of cocoa butter, but many of us are actually unfamiliar with the benefits that this buttery delight has to offer us.

I remember using cocoa butter on my belly when I was pregnant with my first baby to prevent stretch marks, it was extremely helpful.

It is also great for for an array of homemade skin care and beauty products.

Cocoa butter can be bought in chunks or wafers. I prefer wafers because they are easier to handle and perfect for DIY recipes, here are the ones I like. This brand of cocoa wafers are also edible. They blend and melt wonderfully for adding into your favorite recipes. Use in smoothies, shakes and coffee!  

A wide range of natural products today have cocoa butter as their main ingredient, such as body oils, body butters, lotions and creams. But now we reveal to you some amazing advantages of using cocoa butter.

Cocoa Butter Benefits

1. Softens Lips

-If you’re tired of your lips going dry and want them to look softer and smoother, cocoa butter is your friend. Often the changing weather, and especially the harsh breeze of winter, destroys the beauty of our naturally soft and plump lips, which mind you, are one of the main attractions of our face.

-Thus, to counter this ever so recurring issue, use high quality cocoa butter daily. Whip up a homemade lip balm with cocoa butter and essential oils like orange, peppermint, lavender or grapefruit.

2. Scar Remover

-You should officially bid a very happy farewell to your scars once you start cocoa butter regularly. Cocoa butter is said to have restorative and healing powers, which help it combat those scars, scratches and stretch marks oh-so-effectively.

-So, if you have any scars, discolored skin, former acne- worry no more, cocoa butter is your rescuer. It is also perfect for prevent pregnancy stretch marks.

3. Treatment For Sensitive Skin

-It is no secret that people who have sensitive or hyper sensitive skin often fail to find products that compliment them, but cocoa butter is different. It is a good and intense moisturizer and is also effective in dealing with skin issues like eczema.

-Make a Quick & Healing Body Butter: use 1:1 ratio of cocoa butter and shea butter (so like 1/4 cup of cocoa butter and 1/4 cup of shea butter). Melt them together, then whip up before the mixture completely solidifies.

4. Beneficial for Hair

-Cocoa butter is like a friend that helps everyone, without any bias. And so it also comes in handy if you’re looking for a way to make your hair more manageable. Cocoa butter has softening properties that can make your hair shiny and healthy. You can find several hair products that use it as a core ingredient.

5. Anti-Aging Properties

-Aging is the a process in which we cannot stop or slow down. So it is necessary for you to find a product that helps reduce the effects of aging on your lovely skin. Cocoa butter is that product.

-Cocoa butter is a very rich source of antioxidants and so it naturally helps our skin to escape the harsh effects of aging. In order to include cocoa butter in your routine, you may use lotion, cream, oil or even eat it raw; as per your preference.

6. Skin Moisturizer

-Cocoa butter is basically a natural fat extracted from the cacao bean found in tropical climates. It has majestically sweet cocoa aroma to it and contains tons of Vitamin E in it, along with omega-3 and fatty acids- which consequently make it an awesome moisturizer and healer for your skin.

-Cocoa butter even provides sun protection partially, which is yet another goody that this super ingredient has to offer.

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So, look for cocoa butter infused products and homemade beauty recipes using cocoa butter to get yourself this vitamin enriched bomb for healthy and glowing skin!

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