How to Use Natural Rose Water to Improve Complexion

How to Use Natural Rose Water to Improve Complexion

Have you ever used rose water in your beauty routine? Rose water can improve your complexion. It has some amazing properties that your skin and hair can benefit from.

I like to spritz rose water on my face and scalp for a refreshing feeling. The aroma of rose water also helps to ease my anxiety and worries, similar to rose essential oil.

If you are not familiar with rose water, here is a quick overview of what it is and how you can benefit from rose water in your natural beauty routine.

What is Rose Water?

Roses have long been a symbol of love and nobility. They are a popular choice for flower bouquets and gardens due to their beauty and fragrance. Lets look at how we actually get rose water from roses.

Rose water is a by product that comes from steam distilling rose petals. It is the fragrant liquid that is left when making essential oils.These floral waters contain all the essence of the plant but their aromas are more subtle and soft.

While floral waters have similar properties to essential oils, they are much less concentrated. Floral waters are also called hydrosols.

Hydrosols are a cost effective way to enjoy aromatherapy. You can add hydrosols in place of water in many DIY recipe. Try replacing the water with rose water in your next skin or hair care recipe.

Rose Water Benefits & Uses

rose water uses and benefits

Rose water is suitable for all skin types and offers a beautiful sweet, floral aroma.

Hydrates Skin

-Rose water helps to hydrate and nourish skin, giving it a refreshed feeling. It can assist with dry skin and soothe skin conditions like acne, rosacea or eczema. Also has anti-wrinkle properties making it beneficial for mature skin.

-Radiant Mist: Spray rose water onto face or body when your skin feels dry or you just need refreshing. You can also spritz onto face over makeup and use as a setting product.

Tones Skin

-Rose water has astringent properties that assist with toning the skin and cleaning pores. It can restore the pH balance and absorb excess oils without causing dryness. It also has antibacterial properties which is wonderful for keeping the skin clean.

-Rosewater Face Toner: Wet a cotton ball and dab it over a freshly washed face and neck. Alternatively, you can simply spritz on rose water and allow it to air dry.

Reduces Puffiness

-The anti-inflammatory properties of rose water can help reduce swelling, redness and skin irritations.

-Eye Refresher: Soak a cotton pad in chilled rose water and place over closed eyes. Leave on for 5 minutes to help to reduce puffiness and irritation.

Boost Mood

-The aroma of rose water can improve mood and bring a sense of calmness. It promotes balance and emotional well being. It can strengthen the heart and comfort the spirit.

-Moodiness Mist: Mist on body when feeling anxious or down. Rose water is safe to use with kids, try giving them a misting when they are grumpy or need to perk up.

Improves Hair & Scalp

-Rose water can assist in your hair care routine as well. It can leave your hair soft and shiny. It also provides hydration and refreshment for your scalp. The aroma also leaves hair smelling good.

-Hair & Scalp Rejuvenation: Spritz rose water onto scalp and through hair for a refreshing feeling. The aroma can also act as a hair perfume, making your locks smell pretty.

What Is the Best Rose Water to Buy?

It is best to look for an organic flower water with the only ingredient being rose water. My favorite brand to use is Teddies Organics. They offer organic rose water that is 100% pure organic rose water (Rosa damascena).

Teddies rose water comes in a spray bottles so it is ready to mist onto skin or hair. Or use as a body spray or linen spray. You can even use as a calming finish to any workout or yoga session.

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