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Homemade Essential Oil Sprays Made Easy

Posted by Jennifer Lane on

One of the easiest ways to use essential oils every day is by using homemade essential oil sprays. Sprays are a simple and fun way to incorporate essential oils into your routine.  If you make them up in advance, they will be readily available when you need them.

Whether you are a DIYer or not, making essential oil sprays is super simple.  In fact, my nine year old son can even make them by himself.  You only need a few items and the process takes only a few minutes.

DIY Homemade Essential Oil Sprays Made Easy

How To Make Essential Oil Sprays



  1. Add Epsom salt into 2 oz spray bottle.
  2. Add 15-25 drops of essential oils of choice, swirl bottle to mix salt and oil.
  3. Fill rest of bottle with water, add spray top and shake well.  Dry bottle and label your spray.  Shake well before each use.

2 oz Glass Spray BottlesSpray can be used immediately but I have noticed that if you give it 24 hours to marinate and blend together, the smell seems strong. Need some glass spray bottles for these recipes? Click here to purchase our 2 oz glass spray bottles that are just perfect for this recipe.

Epsom salt will help the oil mix with water and prevents oil from sticking to the bottle and spray tube.  This step could be omitted if desired. 

Filtered or distilled water is best to prevent contamination or spoilage of your essential oil sprays from impurities found in tap water.  Alternatively, you can boil tap water, let it cool and then use that water for your sprays, if that is all that is available.

Basic DIY Essential Oil Spray Recipe

There are a variety of essential oil combinations you can use for your sprays.  Even single oil sprays can be very powerful.  I recommend having your favorite oils ready in a spray, you can use them as air fresheners, room sprays, cleaning sprays, body sprays, so many possibilities.  Here are my favorite single oil sprays I like to have readily available so I can use them throughout the day and some ways that I have used them.

Single Essential Oil Sprays:

  • Lavender Spray-perfect for pillow mist, bedtime room spray, relaxation body spray, natural perfume mist.
  • Peppermint Spray-wonderful as a cooling spray, like post workout or during hot flash, uplifting body mist, minty air freshener.
  • Melaleuca Spray-cleaning spray, refreshing face spritz, foot deodorizer spray.
  • Lemon Spray-great odor eliminator spray, germ killing cleaning spray, bathroom spray, office air freshener.
  • White Fir Spray-excellent energy spray, better than chemicals pine air freshener, Christmas spray (when ever we had a fake tree up for Christmas, this was my go to spray to make the house smell like we had a real tree)

So really, the sky is the limit as far as possible essential oil sprays go, you just have to be willing to get out the ingredients and get busy making sprays.  View our recipe guide below for different essential oil combinations and fabulous sprays.

For a Printable PDF of the DIY Essential Oil Sprays Recipe Guide below, click here.

Essential Oil Sprays Recipe Guide

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