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Homemade Wood Furniture Cleaner Recipe

Posted by Jennifer Lane on

Looking for a great way to keep your wood furniture clean and shiny? Try this fabulous homemade wood furniture cleaner recipe. It is all natural with easy to find ingredients.

No need for artificial lemon polish sprays when you can use lemon essential oil as an ingredient to clean your wood. Lemon oil is great for deep cleaning and disinfecting your wood furniture and surfaces.

Vinegar is also a well known natural cleaner and is used in this recipe. It will help get dirt and grime off.

The jojoba oil in this recipe will condition your wood and put a nice shiny on it. These three ingredients will get your wood cleaned, conditioned and shiny.

Homemade Wood Furniture Cleaner Recipe

Homemade Wood Furniture Cleaner Recipe


Add jojoba oil and lemon essential oil into 8 oz spray bottle, swirl to mix the oils. Add the vinegar to the bottle and put lid on. Shake well to mix & before each use. Spray on cleaning cloth and wipe down wood furniture until it shines.

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Homemade Wood Furniture Cleaner Recipe

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