5 Summer Essential Oils with Fun in the Sun Roller Recipes

5 Summer Essential Oils with Fun in the Sun Roller Recipes

Summer is finally here! Long gone are the winter blues. Break out the pool noodles, sunscreen, beach towels and have some fun. You can even bring along your summer essential oils, try one of our sunny summer roller recipes.

5 Summer Essential Oil Roller Recipes by Loving Essential Oils

Summer Essential Oils

In a recent newsletter, we asked our readers: What is Your Favorite Summer Essential Oil?

The answers were multiple choice and they were:

    • Grapefruit
    • Lavender
    • Orange
    • Lemon
    • Peppermint

    We had 366 people vote, thank you for participating. Grapefruit essential oil was voted #1, here are the results:

    Essential Oil

    # of Votes

    Grapefruit 103
    Orange 83
    Lavender 71
    Lemon 70
    Peppermint 39


    You can also read about Summer Diffuser Blends that includes fan favorite summer oils from a different survey.

    5 Summer Essential Oil Roller Recipes

    These are roller bottle recipes. Pick a recipe below and add it to a 10 ml roller bottle, then fill the rest of the bottle with jojoba oil. Roll bottle between the palms of your hand to blend.

    #1. Refresh-Mint

    Energizing and invigorating blend. Roll it on your neck, shoulders, and chest to fight off fatigue and feel refreshed.

    • 2 drops Spearmint
    • 1 drop Peppermint
    • 1 drop Lemon

    #2. Be Happy

    Keep your mood in check with this blend. Roll it on your chest and arms.

    • 2 drops Frankincense (any type)
    • 2 drops Orange (Wild or Sweet)

    #3. Fun in the Sun

    • 1 drop Lemon
    • 1 drop Orange
    • 1 drop Grapefruit
    • 1 drop Lavender

    #4. Berry Breeze

    Let this blend keep you upbeat and positive. Roll it on your wrists and chest, then take a deep breath to inhale the beautiful aroma.

    • 2 drops Juniper Berry
    • 1 drop Grapefruit
    • 1 drop Orange

    #5. Pretty Feet

    Keep your feet pretty with this anti-fungal blend. Roll it on your feet, heels, and toenails.

    • 2 drops Lavender
    • 1 drop Tea Tree
    • 1 drop Peppermint

    These 5 roller recipes are all 2% dilutions, it may not seem like a lot of drops but it is the right amount for a blend that can be used every day. Read more about essential oil dilution here.

    Be sure to let your roller blend marinate for about 24 hours, this allows the oils to fully mingle.

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    5 Summer Essential Oils with Fun in the Sun Roller Recipes by Loving Essential Oils

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