How to Use White Fir Essential Oil For Energy

How to Use White Fir Essential Oil For Energy

If there's one thing we could all use more of it's energy, right? If you're working, usually around 2-3 pm, you'll start feeling tired. Drained from working hard all day. In desperate need of a pick-me-up, but you don't want something TOO overpowering, lest you be awake all night.

How To Use White Fir Essential Oil For Energy

Need Energy? Try White Fir Essential Oil

What you need is White Fir Essential Oil. This is a great oil to keep handy in a travel vial for your purse, workplace or your car. It will help you get past that mid-day slump that seems to happen almost every day. It will give you just enough energy for a few hours, and won't keep you up all night.

You can apply a few drops of White Fir to your wrist or top of your hand, on the back of your neck, or bottom of your feet. As long as you keep it out of your eyes as you don't want oils in your eyes. White Fir Essential Oil is not something you want to take internally, but the effects of putting it onto your skin will work just as well.


Think of it in terms of an energy bar. It's not a full meal, it's just a quick thing to get you through. If you need longer results, you can just add more White Fir on as your day goes on. A drop of two every hour if needed. If you need the oil to be even stronger, take one drop of White Fir and then overlay that 30 seconds later with a drop of Frankincense.

When Frankincense is applied over top of another oil, it heightens (doubles) the effects of the first oil. Better to use one drop White Fir and one drop Frankincense than two drops White Fir. You will see far better results.

To get even more results, rub the oil in quickly so that you are massaging it into the skin and causing 'heat.' This ensures that the oil is being penetrated into the skin and the skin is absorbing more of the oil.

As an alternative to topical application, you can create a White Fir Essential Oil Spray and spritz it all around you.

 White Fir Essential Oil Energy Spray Recipe

Homemade White Fir Essential Oil Energy Spray:

  1. Using a 2 oz glass spray bottle, add 1 teaspoon of Epsom Salt to bottom of bottle.
  2. Add 15 drops of white fir essential oil and swirl with the salt until they are blended.
  3. Fill rest of bottle with filtered or distilled water, leaving room at top for sprayer.  Shake well, label bottle and spritz into the air, then breathe deeply!
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