5 Favorite Essential Oils for Traveling (and How to Use)

5 Favorite Essential Oils for Traveling (and How to Use)

Do you have a family vacation, summer trip, or even a weekend getaway planned? When on the road or in the air, my oils are always with me. I make sure to take the extra time when packing to include these 5 favorite essential oils for traveling.

While traveling is usually an exciting adventure, there may be a few unexpected issues that arise while away from home. Having my oils with me brings me comfort and piece of mind.

I love knowing that if an itchy bug bite, car sick child, or smelly hotel room come my way...I have a natural solution ready!

Do You Bring Essential Oils With You When Traveling?

In a recent giveaway, we asked our fans: Do you bring essential oils with you when you are traveling? The answers were multiple choice and they were:

  • Always
  • Usually
  • No

We had 218 people vote, thank you for participating, here are the results:

Always 114 votes (52%)
Usually 83 votes (38%)
No 21 votes (10%)


Do the results surprise you? I expected the majority would say they did but I didn't expect that 90% usually-always bring essential oils when traveling. That just shows how much we love essential oils!

5 Favorite Essential Oils for Traveling (and How to Use) by Loving Essential Oils

5 Essential Oils for Traveling

Here are my favorite essential oils for traveling, plus reasons why I like to use them when traveling. Your list may be a little different to accommodate you and your family and that is OK. Use this list as a jumping off point and bring what YOU need!

Essential Oil


  • jet lag
  • achy muscles
  • stomach issues
  • sore feet
  • fatigue
  • motion sickness
  • nervous tension
  • sleeplessness
  • sunburn
  • headaches
  • cuts/bruises
  • skin irritations
  • mosquito repellent
  • anxiety
  • headache
  • skin care
  • meditation
  • spiritual healing
  • panic/fear
  • nightmares
  • emotionally exhausted
  • freshen air
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • mood support
  • chest congestion
  • nosebleed
  • lack of focus
Tea Tree
  • cuts/scrapes
  • bug bites
  • blemishes
  • colds/flu
  • dry scalp
  • itchy feet
  • respiratory support

Essential Oils Accessories for Traveling

Here are some other supplies to think about adding to your packing list:

Essential Oil Car Diffuser - I love having an aromatherapy car diffuser in my car, especially for road trips. Last weekend I was on the road with my family and due to lots of curvy turns, I was getting a little nauseated (so was my oldest son). I just added several drops of peppermint to my car diffuser clip and the issue was gone! Here is my favorite one on Amazon by Flyingtrav (click the picture to learn more):

Aromatherapy Inhalers - Essential oils have strong scents so they could potentially offend others around you in a car or airplane. A personal inhaler is a good option, prefill with the scent you anticipate needing and carry it with you!

Roller Bottles - Have some essential oils blends you can't live without? Roller bottles are a great way to bring them on the go, especially if they are a part of your daily routine. Prefill with essential oil blends you or your family will need on your trip.

Carry Case - I have a medium size carry case that I can easily grab and fill with all my essential oil goodies when traveling, but not completely overdo it :)

Carry Case for Purse - I also like to have a travel case & small vials filled with my oils in my purse.

Carrier Oils for Traveling

To apply essential oils topically when traveling, you will need to have an essential oil carrier with you.You can bring whatever you prefer, here are the two I like to travel with.

Jojoba Oil - My favorite everyday carrier oil is jojoba oil. It absorbs good, mixes well with essential oils and great for all skin types. I like to fill a recycled 15 ml essential oil bottle with my carrier oil I am bringing, that way it is compact and easy to carry. It also allows me to plenty of space two bring another carrier oil if I need. Here is my favorite jojoba oil brand:

Unscented Lotion - This is an another easy way to apply essential oils topically without leaving any greasy feeling. I like to use unscented lotion with my bug repellent essential oils, pain rubs, and after shower moisturizer. Here is my favorite from Plant Therapy, even my husband liked it (and he is really picky with lotion!):

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5 Favorite Essential Oils for Traveling (and How to Use) by Loving Essential Oils

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