Essential Oil Blends - Comparison Chart

Essential Oil Blends - Comparison Chart

You can buy premade essential oil blends from just about any essential oil company. I personally like to create my own blends from my essential oil singles... kinda like a mad scientist! Even so, I do have some brand essential oil blends.

Having a premade essential oil blend can be convenient, that's for sure. Having pain?...grab the pain blend. Having trouble breathing?...grab the easy breathing blend. Having tummy troubles?...grab your digestion blend. You get the idea, the blend is ready for you when you need it.

In this post I have compared 4 different essential oil brands: Edens Garden, Plant Therapy, Doterra, & Young Living. Hopefully it can offer you some assistance if you are looking for a similar blend from a different company.

What is a Synergy Essential Oil Blend?

A synergy essential oil blend is two or more essential oils working together for a greater benefit then the total of their individual effects.

When blending essential oils together, each oil can have an enhancing effect on the other oils in the blend. You get more bang for your buck, so to speak.

Essential Oil Blends Comparison Chart

This comparison chart focuses on the therapeutic properties of the similar blends, and not necessarily the essential oils that make up each blend. With this in mind, the comparable blends may have different aromas as well.

This comparison chart is a great guideline if you are looking to try another brand's blend. Here is the comparison chart:

 Edens Garden® Plant Therapy® Doterra® Young Living®
Age Defy Anti-Age Immortelle JuvaFlex®
Gal Pal Balance Clary Calm® Dragon Time
Citrus Cream Citrus Burst Citrus Bliss® Citrus Fresh
Purify Deodorizing Purify Purification®
Fighting Five® Germ Fighter® On Guard® Thieves
n/a Munchy Stop Slim & Sassy® Slique Esssence
Muscle Relief Muscle Aid Deep Blue® Pan Away or Relieve It
Breathe Easier or Exhale Respir Aid Breathe® Raven or RC
Allure n/a Whisper®  Lady Sclareol
Tranquility Worry Free Serenity® Stress Away or Peace & Calming
Joy Energy Elevation Joy
Awake & Aware Brain Aid In Tune® Brain Power or Clarify
Worry Less Relax Peace Surrender
XOXO Sensual Passion Joy
Circu-Touch Tension Relief Aroma Touch® Aroma Siez
Pest Defy Nature Shield Terra Shield® n/a
Digest Ease DiGiZen Digest Zen Di-Gize
Soothe & Smooth Zit Fighter HD Clear Melrose
Immunity Immune Aid DDR Prime Longevity
Be Still Blues Buster Console Release
Good Morning Self Esteem Motivate Acceptance
Fearless Bouquet Forgive Forgiveness
Head Ease Tension Relief Past Tense MGrain
n/a Holiday Season Holiday Joy Christmas Spirit
Good Night Sleep Aid Serenity® Peace & Calming
Align Self Esteem Balance Valor or Envision


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