10 Oily Use for a Lavender Roll On

10 Oily Use for a Lavender Roll On

Lavender essential oil is beloved for many reasons. Its relaxing and comforting floral aroma is so very rejuvenating. Having a simple Lavender Roll On ready for daily use can truly be an asset.

Feel agitated or stressed? Use a Lavender Roll On to melt your worries away. I have one that I keep at my desk in my home office. It gets used at least once a day for a variety of reasons.

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils because of its many therapeutic properties. Before getting into the oily roll on, let look a little more at lavender essential oil.

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

This versatile oil is an absolute MUST HAVE essential oil for any collection and every home (in my opinion!). Here are just a few wonderful benefits:

  • Encourages balance in all body systems
  • Main components of Lavender, linalol and linalyl acetate, have sedative and anxiety relieving actions
  • Lavender has excellent antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory actions
  • Renowned for its ability to nourish and heal the skin
  • Has analgesic properties (pain relieving actions)

10 Oily Use for a Lavender Roll On by Loving Essential Oils

Why Use Roll On Bottles

Roller bottles make using essential oils very convenient. The smaller size makes it easy to take them on the go. You can put in a pocket, purse, backpack, or even a briefcase.

Another thing I LOVE about roller bottles is that I can make an oil blend in a small batch. Great for experimenting, testing a new oil, or just trying a new recipe. That way if I don't like it, I am not stuck with a huge bottle of something I will struggle to use.

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How to Make a Lavender Roll On

You may already know how to make an aromatherapy roll on, in case you don't, it is super simple!

What you need:

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Place 2-10 drops of Lavender oil into roller bottle. The number of drops will depend on the dilution level you want to obtain.

Using 2 drops is 1% dilution which is good if this blend is being made for a young child, elderly person, or pregnant woman. 10 drops would be 5% dilution. You can start with 4 drops (2% dilution) and then add more if needed.

Fill the rest of the bottle with jojoba oil to just below the shoulder of the bottle. Place roller top on and shake to mix the oils. That's it...Your ready to roll!

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10 Oily Use for a Lavender Roll On by Loving Essential Oils

10 Oily Uses for a Lavender Roll On

Here are just 10 uses (and where to apply them), I am sure that you can come up with even more.


Where to Apply:

#1. Soothe skin irritations On affected skin
#2. Calm sun exposed skin On affected skin
#3. Relieve an itchy bug bite Directly on and around bug bite
#4. Relax a restless child Chest, back, or bottom of feet
#5. Comfort spirit for deep meditation Chest, neck, & shoulders
#6. Ease stress and tension Temples, neck, & shoulders
#7. Promote sleep and relaxation Chest, shoulder, & arms
#8. Alleviate headache Temples, behind ears, & neck
#9. All natural perfume Pulse points
#10. Ease discomfort Location of discomfort


You can easily see how a Lavender Roll On can be used each and every day!

Don't want to make one? Many essential oil companies sell a premade roll ons. Just keep in mind that the dilution is usually higher on these premade blends, 10% dilution is common. Here are two popular ones:

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10 Oily Use for a Lavender Roll On by Loving Essential Oils

Roller Bottle Recipe Ideas!

10 Oily Use for a Lavender Roll On by Loving Essential Oils

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