Best Essential Oil Carrying Case Review - Tress Wellness

Best Essential Oil Carrying Case Review - Tress Wellness

Do you have an ever-growing collection of essential oil bottles? Trust me, I understand. You start with a few bottles and a small bag... the next thing you know you got essential oil bottles everywhere but can't seem to find the bottle you need for that diffuser blend you want to try. That is where an essential oil case comes in handy.

There are many essential oil cases available on the market but before you get overwhelmed by your choices, let me share one of the best oil case that I have used and why I highly recommend it.

best essential oil cases tress wellness review

Tress Wellness Essential Oil Case Review

Looking for an essential oil storage case, essential oil carry case or an essential oil organizer? How about one that does all these things! Buy the Tress Wellness Case for Essential Oils with 70 oil slots. Quickly organize your collection, store your precious oil bottles away from light, and take them on the go with you as the need arises.

Features of the Essential Oil Carry Case - 70 Slots

Here are some of the features that I really love about this essential oil case:

  • Smooth Double Zipper
  • Water Resistant Outer Cover
  • Pocket Inside the Lid
  • Durable yet Comfortable Handle
  • High-Quality Elastic Foam Insert
  • Insert Top Cover for Extra Protection
  • Affordable pricing



Pros: Tress Wellness Carrying Case

1. Compact and Lightweight

Before buying a case for your oils you need to think about how you will be using it. This featured case by Tress Wellness makes excellent use of the space available and is lightweight making transporting essential oils a breeze. While wooden box cases can be appealing, if you are looking for an option to travel with your essential oils then they are a deal-breaker. Not only are essential oil wood boxes heavier, but they also lack the ability to protect your delicate glass bottles during travel. I traveled with a small wooden case one time and I had to be so cautious with it. That experience made me never travel with it again. This case is not only compact but also easy to carry with one hand.

2. Not Associated with an Essential Oil Brand

If you have read my blog then you probably know that I love many essential oil brands and I am not exclusive to any one brand. There are just too many to love... and too many oils that I want to experience. So I can appreciate that this case is not associated with any essential oil company. I also love that their logo design is pleasant and not overly detracting from the actual case.

Tress Wellness Essential Oil Case Review

3. Fits Multiple Bottle Sizes

Essential oil bottles come in various sizes, depending on the brand. This company makes sure that their carrying cases fit a variety of bottles so that is really nice. The 70 Slot Oil Case fits bottle sizes 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml, and 20 ml. FYI, I tried a 10 ml roller bottle but it doesn't fit good because it is too tall.

Carrier Case for Essential Oils

4. Sturdy and Durable Case

The case is black with purple accents and the outer case is strong and durable, it is water-resistant with a shockproof hard shell that makes the bag very sturdy and able to keep its shape, unlike soft cases. The inside of the lid has a pocket that can hold things like pipettes, business cards, oil key opener, labels, mini booklets, or even your phone.

Carrying bag for essential oils

5. Free Bonuses Accessories

In the case, you get a free essential oil opener (aka eo key) it helps to remove the orifice reducers and rollerball tops from stubborn oil bottles. Better than using fingernails, knives, or other inappropriate tools, this is made to fit under these small plastic pieces. You will also receive 192 Sticker Labels for bottles included. The stickers are larger circle than normal stickers meant for oil bottle tops but hey, they are free and will come in handy. They still fit on my oil bottle tops but completely cover the top as you can see the blue sticker in the picture, compared to the other bottles. You can also see that the lavender label fits beautifully on my jar lid.

Case for Essential Oils with free oil key and bottle labels

6. Amazing Customer Service

Tress Wellness has an excellent reputation for standing behind their products. If there are any concerns or issues be sure to email them. Here is their guarantee:

"We fully stand behind our products and wish to offer our clients a 5-star experience. If for whatever reason you are not 100% happy with this purchase, just send us a message and we’ll gladly and quickly send you a replacement or give you a Full Refund."

Cons: Tress Wellness Essential Oils Case

1. Remove Slot Holes

The 70 slot holes have been pre-punched but they still need to be removed by hand. Not really a big deal but you do need to know that this is a necessary step before using. The holes slide out easily and in one solid piece. The foam is not cheap like in some cases. They actually call it an "elastic sponge", it is strong and less likely to tear. Seems as though it will last longer than standard foam inserts.

Essential Oils Case Review by Loving Essential Oils

2. No Carrying Strap

If you need a case with a carrying strap, meaning you can carry it hands-free, this case does not have that option. It only comes with a handheld strap. There are no loops either to add your own. If you are a distributor that may be carrying a lot of different items at one time or someone that travels a lot, this would be a nice feature. I find that most straps for carrying cases I never use, so for me personally this con doesn't bother me. This company does offer a new larger bag that does come with a shoulder strap if needed.

In Summary

As you can this storage case is a great option to solve oil storage, organization, protection, and transportation. It is also budget-friendly and you get two bonus gifts too!! You can buy Tress Wellness Case here:

Where to buy Tress Wellness Essential Oil Case

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Storage Case for Essential Oils Review

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