How to Use Trauma Oil for Pain and Inflammation

How to Use Trauma Oil for Pain and Inflammation

“Nourishing myself is a joyful experience and I am worth the time spent on my healing.” - Louise Hay

Easily ease and naturally nurture the pain of bumps, bruises, sprains and pains with Trauma oil.

Let’s take a closer look at what Trauma Oil is, it’s astounding benefits, and how you can start using Trauma Oil today to enhance your health and wellness.

What is Trauma Oil?

This powerful oil is an infusion of three herbs into a carrier oil, typically olive oil, that come together to create an incredible pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory blend. The three herbs are:

- St. John’s Wort: Is a powerful anti inflammatory, highly antiseptic, antiviral, speeds up the healing process, and helps relieve cramps.

- Calendula: also known as marigold, calendula has been used medicinally for centuries and is great for: reducing inflammation, treating damaged skin (unbroken), burns, rashes, and sprains.

- Arnica: Improves the local blood supply where applied, used to treat swelling, arthritis, and insect bites.

Trauma oil has a subtle and mild aroma, which allows it to easily blend with your favorite essential oils to create a variety of natural pain relief products!

Benefits Of Trauma Oil

1. Reduces Pain

2. Relieves Swelling

3. Promotes healing of muscles, ligaments, and tendon

4. Useful for treating bruises

5. Relieves Muscle Spasms, nerve pain, and arthritis

6. Soothes Sore Muscles

7. Helps Alleviate Headaches

How To Use Trauma Oil

Trauma Oil is a must have oil in your arsenal because it is the ultimate blend of oils to aid you when you or your family has experienced an injury. It is a wonderful in treating both acute and chronic pain.

This deeply soothing oil will help ease pain when applied topically to the affected area and is gentle and effective, which means its safe to use for children.

- Use Trauma Oil by gently massaging it directly onto the injured area.

NOTE: Trauma oil should only be applied to skin that is NOT broken.

Check out our post on Essential Oils for Bruising where we use trauma oil as a carrier oil for bruise blends.

Start harnessing the powers of trauma oil today by CLICKING HERE.

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