Aloe Vera Soap Benefits with DIY Lime & Aloe Foaming Soap

Aloe Vera Soap Benefits with DIY Lime & Aloe Foaming Soap

Since ancient times the aloe vera plant (Aloe barbadensis) has been used for all natural skin treatment. Learn about aloe vera soap benefits, plus create a beautiful Lime & Aloe Foaming Soap.

Aloe Vera Soap Benefits

Adding aloe vera gel to your homemade soaps can add skin care benefits.

Moisturizes Skin

Aloe Vera's emollient nature can assist with dry, itchy skin. Let aloe vera soap soothe and promote skin healing while cleansing your hands and body.

Soothes Skin Irritations

Aloe vera is a popular choice for sunburns, blisters, and other skin issues. Aloe vera gel is frequently used as a carrier for essential oils, it protects the skin and absorbs well.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel leaves skin soft and silky without a sticky residue. Its gentle nature makes it great to use as a cleanser or include in homemade soap recipes. Aloe vera gel is what is used in our Lime & Aloe Vera Soap Recipe.

Aloe vera gel is not thick like a hair gel would be. It is actually a clear and thin, watery liquid... this is normal. It is not the same as aloe vera jelly.

I don't buy my aloe vera gel from the store, many times those versions have additives. Plus, true aloe vera gel isn't green or thick like I mentioned above.

Here is my favorite aloe vera gel:

Aloe Vera Gel Kate Blanc | Loving Essential Oils

DIY Lime & Aloe Vera Soap

Step 1: Use a funnel to add castile soap, aloe vera gel & essential oils to foaming soap bottle

Step 2: Gently swirl around bottle to mix the ingredients together. 

Step 3: Add distilled water to bottle and screw foamer top on. Gently shake mixture up. Dry bottle off and put label on.

To Use: Wet hands, then pump soap into palm of hands (about 2-3 pumps of soap). Rub hands together reaching all hand surfaces, rinse with warm water. Dry.

Essential Oil Recipe Tips:

- Use within 1-2 weeks since it is made with all natural ingredients and no  preservative are added. Read more on diy recipes and preservatives.

- I like to make my soap recipe in these mini foamersThe mini size of this soap bottle makes it perfect for little hands, it is also fabulous for traveling or on the go. Click here to buy them from our store.

- When using essential oils on skin, be sure to use only high quality essential oils that are safe to use topically.

- Lime essential oil is an favorite for homemade soap, but you can try different essential oils like melaleuca (tea tree), lavender, tangerine, chamomile, or juniper berry.

- I usually buy the unscented castile soap but you can buy scented if you so choose. Here are my favorite castile soap:

 Lime & Aloe Vera Hand Soap Recipe with Castile Soap by Loving Essential Oils

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Aloe Vera Soap Benefits with DIY Lime & Aloe Foaming Soap by Loving Essential Oils

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