Lavender Massage Oil For Spa Like Relaxation

Lavender Massage Oil For Spa Like Relaxation

Want a spa like aromatherapy massage? You can, at home, for a fraction of the cost. Try our Lavender Massage Oil that is ultra soothing to mood, body and mind.

Help calm feelings of stress and worry by applying this aromatherapy massage oil with lavender and ylang ylang oil.

Lavender essential oil has great skin care and aromatherapy benefits. It is known for calming and soothing the body and mind. Perfect to use before bedtime to help you unwind from the day. Also great for relaxing the mind so when you lay down you fall asleep fast.

Ylang ylang is also a powerful relaxation oil that adds an additional sweet and floral perfume to this recipe.

The base of this recipe is grapeseed oil. It's a perfect body oil to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, plus it absorbs quickly. A huge benefit because you won't feel super oily, just soft and smooth.

Lavender Massage Oil Uses

While massage oil is obviously used for massages, you can use it for SO MUCH MORE. Here are some ways I have used this recipe.

  • Sleep Aid - use before bedtime to enhance sleep
  • After Shave - after shaving, massage into legs
  • Body Moisturizer - apply to body after done showering
  • Lavender Bath Oil - just add a few squirts into bath water and enjoy a relaxing bath
  • Bath Salt - you can mix a few squirts of massage oil with some epsom salt for a soothing sore muscle soak
  • Foot Care - apply to sore feet (perfect after a long day), then put your feet up and enjoy some R & R

So now you see, this can be made into so many more natural body care products as well. Pretty versatile for a simple massage oil right?

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Lavender Massage Oil Uses

To make applying super simple, get our glass bottles with lotion pumps. They work very well for this recipe and keep you oil safe. The dark colored bottle protects your precious oil from sunlight and the pump dispenser makes oil spilling and wasting a thing of the past. The bottle dispenses only a small amount at a time and gently flows into your palm without splashing oil everywhere.

glass bottles with lotion pumps

Lavender Massage Oil Recipe


  1. Add all ingredients into glass bottle.
  2. Place on lotion pump and shake well.

To use: Squirt 2-3 pumps into palm and warm oil between hands then massage onto body and enjoy the heavenly scent of this oil blend.

Recipe variations: While I love using grapeseed oil in this recipe, you can use other carrier oils like jojoba oils, sweet almond oil or olive oil. Just FYI, while olive oil is very nourishing, it leaves the skin very greasy feeling so keep that in mind.

Safety Precautions:

According to Tisserand and Young, Ylang Ylang essential oil may pose a moderate risk of skin sensitization. They recommend dermal maximum of 0.8% and caution to avoid use for those with hypersensitive/diseased/damaged skin and in children younger than 2.

Lavender essential oil has no safety precautions listed. Avoid using any essential oil that has oxidized due to a greater risk of skin sensitization. Reading more safety details in Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young book - Essential Oil Safety

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Mind and Body Gift Ideas:

This recipe is great for body care gift sets and care packages. Add other items like body butter, body lotions, lavender body wash, shower gel, sugar scrub, lip balms, bubble bath.

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