How to Use Positive Affirmations for Negative Self-Talk

It is important to take care of your mind, body and soul. One way you can do this is through using positive affirmations daily. Positive affirmations are words that you repeat over and over again with an optimistic view about what they will accomplish for you. They may sound silly but the goal is to make them a permanent habit in your life so that they become part of who you are as a person. You can choose anything from "I am confident" to "I am happy." Even if you don't believe it at first, continue repeating these phrases until they begin to feel natural coming out of your mouth. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Use Positive Affirmations to Change Negative Self-Talk by Loving Essential Oils

Do you believe that the words you say to yourself or think about yourself can influence your daily life? Do you think that positive affirmations are powerful enough to change your attitude and perspective? In this blog post you will learn how to use positive affirmations for negative self-talk.

If you haven’t tried using the power of positive affirmations just yet, you should seriously consider it.

Below you will find several good reasons to include positive affirmations in your daily schedule, together with scientific facts that can support the effectiveness of this method.

Guide to Positive Affirmations for Negative Self-Talk by Loving Essential Oils

Positive Thinking to Overcome Negative Thinking

If you tried positive thinking to overcome negative events in your life or find the motivation you need to accomplish desired goals, you probably noticed that maintaining a positive attitude and positive thinking is not always that easy.

Also, it doesn’t always work as well as you’d wish. On the other hand, positive affirmations or positive self-talk can influence the way the brain tackles challenges in a significant manner.

So, it’s worth learning how to use positive affirmations to enjoy more calmness, a better state of wellbeing, or achieve what you desire.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are precisely what the name indicates.

They are affirmations with a positive vibe, used repeatedly as a way to improve the mind’s reaction to negative events and thoughts.

If you experience something you don’t like, something that makes you feel bad, or brings you down, you can manage such situations better if you use positive affirmations.

You just need to find the phrase that works best in your case and use it, repetitively. You’re the only one that has to hear the phrase because it is meant to help you.

How Can Positive Affirmations Be Used?

Positive phrases can be used to boost motivation and keep on going, especially when you go through difficult times. They can also be used to increase your courage, promote optimism, and help you enjoy improved self-esteem.

Of course, don’t hesitate to use positive affirmations when you realize you’re criticizing yourself or you find yourself in negative self talk. Doing so is not beneficial for your self-esteem and self-worth, so using positive affirmations will delete the negative impact of bad self-expressions in your thoughts.

It is a great way to work out your brain

Most of us perform some sort of physical exercises in order to keep the body healthy and fit. So, why shouldn’t we do the same with our brains?

In order to succeed and achieve the things we want in life, we need a mind that is always in great shape. Positive affirmations can do that to your brain, by adjusting its state and programming its way of thinking.

Positive Affirmations for Self-Esteem and Confidence

After all, it is easier to convince a client or business partner, for example, if you have a high level of self-esteem and confidence. The same confidence and esteem for your person will help you come up with a great plan to present to the client or business partner, so everything is related.

So, next time you don’t feel so good about yourself, you’re experiencing a bad state of mind, you’re upset or disappointed, exercise your brain with positive affirmations.

Repeating them out loud, during self-talk, will certainly make you feel better. Their effects are backed up by scientific explanations, so it is not an exercise done in vain, as it will provide results almost immediately.

Continue exercising and you’ll see palpable results in no time.

How Do Positive Affirmations Work?

It is worth mentioning that the brain believes everything you say.

Yes, it may seem hard to comprehend this aspect, but the brain takes every word you say literally. Thus, no wonder you’re clumsy if you believe you’re clumsy, as an example.

When you repeat words and phrases to yourself, your brain will immediately believe them and take them accordingly. This is why it is not recommended to talk badly about yourself or have negative thoughts about yourself.

Specialists discourage such behaviors because they lead to low self-esteem and self-confidence.

Combat Negative Self-Talk with Positive Self-Talk

The good news is that you can combat the effects of negative self-talk and thoughts with the help of positive affirmations.

They work just like programing codes for a computer, rewriting its “software” and helping it function the way we want and desire.

If at first things happen at a conscious level, as we voluntarily and deliberately say specific words, things move to the subconscious level after a while. This way, the brain will work as programed automatically, without us constantly focusing on “writing the code” each time.

Change Your Outlook and Mindset

When you say positive affirmations of your choice, your mindset changes. For this, you will have to repeat the chosen affirmations several times in a row, day after day for a certain period.

Soon enough, the brain will begin believing what you say.

Thus, your mental attitude will change, and so will some of your habits, so they can fit the newly programmed brain. And when you think differently, you are capable of finding solutions to your problems, tackle challenges in a more effective manner, and attract the things you desire in your life.

Negative Self Talk Affirmations For A More Positive Life

Elements Of Successful Affirmations

Successful positive affirmations are more than just simple affirmations. They are written in a language that can be easily understood by your brain.

It is important to understand this so that you use the right kind of affirmations when looking to reprogram your brain. Thus, here are a few guidelines to respect when choosing successful affirmations:

1. Positive affirmation should always be in the present

  • It’s no use to utilize affirmations containing past tenses or future tenses.
  • If you want the brain to promptly respond to the affirmations you make, you need to use the present tense at all times.

2. Use positive words only in your affirmations

  • Positive affirmations are meant to combat negative thoughts and state of mind, that is why these affirmations should contain positive words only.
  • Words like “won’t” or “don’t” have no place in positive affirmations, as they are not positive.
  • Your brain should receive crystal clear messages, not try to figure out what you meant through the use of negative words, even if they are formulated with good intentions.
  • Instead of using negations, like “I’m not angry”, try using “I am calm” instead, as it is more effective.

3. Be confident when speaking the chosen affirmation

  • You need to believe in the power of positive affirmation and speak them with confidence as if they are real facts.
  • If you’re hesitant or think they are a joke, your brain won’t take you seriously.
  • If you find it hard to believe this will work, make sure to use clear statements.

As a tip, the affirmations that make you feel uncomfortable are the ones you need to repeat, as they are an indicator that something is missing from your brain’s “program”.

Ideas for Using Positive Affirmations

Below you will find several examples of affirmations meant to cover life’s most important chapters. However, bear in mind that you don’t need to stick to these affirmations only.

As long as you respect the aspects mentioned earlier, you can use any positive affirmation you consider useful.

Positive affirmations to use for your job or career

  • I am focused at work and highly productive.
  • My job brings me fulfillment and satisfaction.
  • I get along well with all coworkers at my job.
  • I take my career further with every action I take.

Positive affirmations for improved relationships and love life

  • I love myself and others love me.
  • My partner loves me and feels attracted to me.
  • I reflect and receive love.

Positive affirmations for better health

  • I have a healthy and full-of-energy body.
  • I love and accept my body as it is.
  • Healthy and nutritious food are all I crave.
  • I exercise and take care of my body every single day.

Positive affirmations for motivation can be found here.

How to Use Positive Affirmations

If you have chosen more than one positive affirmation to use, it is best not to mix them up, repeating one affirmation at a time.

Positive affirmations can be used together only when they refer to the same topic. If they belong to different topics, you should choose different moments of the day for each, so they are clearly defined by your brain.

Practice Affirmations Daily

-Begin every day by using one or two positive affirmations. Usually, you should select the ones that are most important and relevant.

-You can repeat affirmations throughout the day when you’re not busy doing something or your attention is not required somewhere else. It is very important not to do this when driving a vehicle or crossing a street, as it may deter your attention from being careful to traffic.

-If possible, dedicate 5 to 10 minutes per day to repeat positive affirmations in a calm and quiet environment. When saying positive affirmations, pay attention to every word and focus on it.

Use Positive Words with Confidence

-Be confident when saying these affirmations, like truly believing that they are real and present in your life.

-Always use positive words, so stay away from negative words. Even if you just want to lose weight, never say “I am not fat”, as this statement includes a negation. Instead, use “I reached my ideal body weight”.

-Always use the present tense in your affirmations, even if they reflect a future wish. Your brain can only understand the present, so if you want to program it in the desired direction, your positive affirmations should be in the present, not the future.

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Best Positve Affirmations for Negative Self-Talk by Loving Essential Oils

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