What are the Best Carrier Oils for Massage?

Massage therapy has been shown to reduce cortisol levels in the body and increase serotonin, which helps you feel more relaxed. Carrier oils and essential oils are often added into massage oil blends to provide a soothing effect that is perfect for relaxation after a long day at work or school. This blog post will discuss some different carrier oils and how they can be utilized during your next massage session!

What are the Best Carrier Oils for Massage? by Loving Essential Oils

Next time you treat yourself to a massage (which should be ASAP by the way), make sure to use one of the BEST carrier oils for massage.

Ahhhh massage. Simply hearing the word is just enough to breathe a sigh of release and relax… just a little. Because we all know that nothing compares to actually getting massaged from head to toe!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” -Buddha

What Are Carrier Oils?

A carrier oil is a vegetable oil made from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seeds, nuts, or kernels. Each carrier oil has a different combinations of health benefits and therapeutic properties.

Depending on the benefit or characteristic being sought will determine the choice of carrier oil.

Carrier Oil for Massage Oil by Loving Essential Oils

Benefits of Using Carrier Oils for Massage

Various oils have been used to spread all over the body before a massage is received.

Originating from India is a 500 year old traditional holistic science known as Ayurveda.

In Ayurveda, carrier oils were frequently used to keep the body healthy and functioning at its best. It’s recommended to give yourself a brief full body massage with carriers oils before bathing or showering to:

  • Stimulate body organs
  • Promote the flow of toxins to sites of elimination
  • Remove excess phlegm and fluids
  • Release body tension
  • Keep the skin supple and moisturized

Are YOU ready to have a health boosting and relaxing massage using carrier oils?

Let’s check out exactly what oil to use to get your best massage yet!

Base Massage Oil Uses

Carrier oils are often used by practitioners to provide a soothing, moisturizing sensation during a massage. They also act as an additional medium in which essential oils can be blended together and applied to the body. There are many different types of carrier oil, but here we'll focus on some popular ones.

What are the BEST Carrier Oils for Massage?

Lay back… relax… and enjoy your massage with one of these rich, luxurious, and smooth carrier oils.

Here are the top 5 recommended oils by massage therapists:

1. Fractionated Coconut Oil

This health promoting oil leaves skin silky smooth and glowing. Massaging coconut oil regularly on skin also helps reduce inflammation and heal wounds.

Aside from its anti-aging and skin-healing properties, this oil also stimulates the production of collagen. It is also full of vitamin E, which protects the skin from sun damage.

The difference between fractionated coconut oil and regular coconut oil is that fractionated coconut oil has had its long-chain triglycerides removed.This makes it less oily and suitable for moisturizing dry skin. It also always stays in liquid form, which makes it useful for massages and self care.

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2. Apricot Kernel Oil

This oil is made from the seeds of apricots and is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial. It is high beneficial to use on acne prone skin because it is non-irritant and soothing to the skin.

3. Jojoba Oil

Detox and revitalize your skin with this light moisturizing oil. Jojoba oil mimics the consistency of our own sebum, which makes it an excellent acne treatment.

Using this oil will help balance the production of excess oil while also helping to leave your pore clean and clear.

4. Sunflower Oil

Balance, moisturize, and fight the signs of aging by using this oil on your skin. Sunflower Seed Oil is known for its hydrating, softening, and skin regenerating properties. It will also prevent the loss of moisture.

5. Avocado Oil

Hydrate and renew your skin tone with this rich oil from avocados that is teeming with essential and trace minerals. Apply it to your face regularly to reduce pore size and remove impurities.

Consistent use of this oil can also reverse the signs of aging and improve skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

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NOTE: Always check to make sure there are no allergies (nuts or other substances) when giving or receiving a massage. Don’t hesitate to call ahead to ask about the ingredients in the massage oil when going to a spa.

How To Use Carrier Oils for Massage

It’s all about the DIY when it comes to the best way to use carrier oils for massage.

It’s incredibly easy to make your own massage oil blend that has even MORE nourishing qualities by adding essential oils! Essential oils and aromatherapy can be used for many things, but one of the most common ways they are used is to help with stress relief. 

Here are a few of our favorite essential oil recipes for massage oil:

Touch the body.

Calm the mind.

Heal the spirit.

Where to Buy Essential Oils?

Essential oils are great because not only do they make you feel good physically but mentally as well. I love having them around since they have so many benefits like clearing the air of bad odors and improving moods by releasing calming scents in your home or office!

We are frequently asked what essential oil brand we like, here are some of our favorites:

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Base Oil for Massage by Loving Essential Oils

Carrier Oil Detailed Guide

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Best Carrier Oild for Massage by Loving Essential Oils
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