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How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser Like An Expert

Posted by Jennifer Lane on

Diffusing essential oils is one of the most popular and effective ways to enjoy aromatherapy benefits. If you are new to diffusing and are wondering how to use an essential oil diffuser, read on.

The most utilized type of diffuser for essential oils today is an ultrasonic diffuser. This type uses ultrasonic waves and water to disperse essential oils into the air. They are widely available in many sizes, shapes and price ranges.  This is the type of diffuser we are focusing on today to teach you to use.

How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser Like An Expert

How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser:

1. Choose an open area in a room or office with a solid surface or tabletop. You will need a outlet to plug it in. Also, since water is being used, it is good to have a place mat or towel down if you are using on a wood surface. I have a diffuser on my nightstand near my bed and one in my family room on a solid shelf. For best use, avoid placing in direct sunlight or near a fan.

2. Once you have your place picked out. Fill your diffuser to the fill line of the water reservoir with clean tap water that is room temperature. Most diffusers have a fill line on the inside of the water reservoir or a measuring cup to fill up and then add to reservoir, refer to your diffuser manual for recommended water amount your diffuser requires. *DO NOT OVERFILL or your diffuser may not run properly.

2. Next, add 5-10 drops of essential oils to water. You can use a single essential oil like lavender, or an essential oil blend. See below for recommend oils to diffuse. Usually 6 drops is enough but sometimes you may want more oil for a stronger scent. You can experiment with the essential oil amounts to see what you prefer.

3. Place cap or top of diffuser back on as your diffuser requires. Turn on. Set which features you would like if your model has options.

Here are two of my personal favorite ultrasonic diffusers available on Amazon at affordable prices:

Not all diffusers are the same, some have options depending on the model you purchase. You may be able to set the length of time you want the diffuser on, or different time cycles you can choose from like on for 30 seconds then off for 15 seconds. Some also have light options you can turn on for a display of colors or a solid color. These features vary widely depending on brand and model.

Quick Cleaning Of Your Diffuser:

It is  also best to do a quick clean after use. Just unplug diffuser and remove any water left in reservoir. Clean inside with a small brush and warm water (most diffusers come with one or you can use a clean paint brush dedicated to cleaning your diffuser). Rinse out and dry off. Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean ultrasonic chip found in most water reservoirs. Let air dry.

Best Single Oils To Diffuser:

Here are my favorite single essential oils to diffuse alone in a diffuser and some of the reason I have used them.

Lavender: scent is calming, relaxing, good for sleep, anxiety, sadness, restlessness, reducing stress

Peppermint: diffuse for improved concentration, focus, alertness, respiratory support, refreshing aroma, mental fatigue, seasonal allergies, headaches

Lemon: good for uplifting, detoxifying, cleansing, purifying, deodorizing, energizing

Frankincense: use during meditation, yoga, good for balancing, lifting spirits, improving focus, anxiety, spiritual awareness

Grapefruit: helps reduce food cravings, uplifting, balancing, enhances mood, relieves anxiety, stress, tension

*The information provided here is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor is it a substitute for medical advice. Post may include affiliate links. See full disclaimer.

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