How to Benefit From Cold Showers

How to Benefit From Cold Showers


NOT today!

That is precisely how I feel about being COLD.

Cold weather? No thanks. I’ll chase the summer sun as much as I possibly can.

Cold water? I’ll pass on that too.

And what is up with the arctic condition of most airports? A few hours in a terminal and I’m borderline hypothermic.

Now that I’ve painted a clear picture of just how much I shy away the COLD… the last thing that I thought I would ever do is WILLINGLY take a cold shower.

So why stand under an icy stream of frigid water and feign off frosty feelings?

To boost my health of course!

5 Ways Cold Showers Can Improve Your Health Today

1. Enhances Your Alertness

    -Helps increase overall oxygen intake.

    -Increases your heart rate and blood flow.

    -Gives you a natural energy boost!

    2. Go on… get HAPPY!

    -The intensity of cold water on your skin sends a huge amount of electrical impulses to your brain, which lifts your mood.

    -Has an antidepressant effect when cold showers (hydrotherapy) are used regularly.

    -Acts as an all natural pick-me-up!

    3. Supports Your Immune System

    -Cold water gets your blood circulating to all of your organs, and can improve your overall health.

    -Helps lower blood pressure.

    -Clears blocked arteries.

    4. Flawless Skin and Hair

    -Cold water tightens cuticles and pores, preventing them from getting clogged and inflamed.

    -Helps create a barrier on your scalp and skin to prevent dirt from building up.

    -Hot water dries your skin out… so always end with a blast of cold water to enhance your skin!

    5. Helps Heal and Recover

    -Ice baths and cold showers have been used by athletes for many years to aid in a speedy recovery.

    -Relieves muscle soreness.

    How to Survive a Cold Shower

    Want to make the most of a cold shower without freezing your buns off? A simple method is to alternate from hot to cold, which is known as Hot and Cold Therapy or the Contrast Shower:

      1. Stand under hot water for 3 minutes.
      2. Turn the shower to COLD and stand under the water for 1 minute.
      3. Repeat this cycle 3 to 4 times.

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      How to Benefit From Cold Showers by Loving Essential Oils

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