DIY Essential Oil Wool Dryer Ball Blend

DIY Essential Oil Wool Dryer Ball Blend

Wool Dryer Balls are all the rage right now.  Why?  Because people are sick and tired of chemicals in every facet of their lives.  People are looking for natural alternatives to not only help them be healthier but to also help the earth be healthier. Green cleaning is a better alternative to chemical cleaning.

How do wool dryer balls work?  Wool dryer balls bounce around in the dryer allowing hot air to circulate better which reduces drying time by up to 20%.  This saves time, energy and money.  Dryer balls also soften your laundry and reduce wrinkles and static.

Wool Dryer Ball Essential Oil Blend

So, I just had to try them and here is what I found.  My dryer time went from 60 minutes to 50 minutes, that is 10 minutes less with each dryer load.  I do about 6 loads of laundry per week, about 312 loads total per year, so that is 3120 minutes dryer time SAVED per year!!

What could make all natural dryer balls better...ESSENTIAL OILS of course!  Here is an amazing blend to add to your wool dryer balls.

Wool Dryer Ball Blend Recipe

  • 1 oz dropper bottle
  • 50 drops lavender essential oil
  • 50 drops lemon essential oil
  • white vinegar


  1. Add essential oils to to dropper bottle. Click here to buy our dropper bottle.
  2. Add vinegar to fill the dropper bottle the rest of the way.  Don't worry, I can hear you now, "I don't want my laundry smelling like vinegar", the vinegar smell will be gone by the time your laundry is done (see below). 
  3. Screw dropper top on bottle and shake to blend mixture.
  4. Add a 3-4 drops to each dryer ball before placing into dryer.  Make sure to shake well before each use.  It is recommended to use 3-4 balls for a small load of laundry and 5-6 balls for a large load of laundry.
  5. Enjoy your, fresh, chemical free laundry! 

Essentail Oil Kit with Dropper BottlesWhy vinegar?  White vinegar is very effective at removing soap residue in the laundry and as a natural softener for clothes and linen.  It also reduces static.  Your laundry will come out feeling soft and fluffy without perfume or chemical coatings like commercial fabric sheets. You will not smell the vinegar by the time your clothes are dry-just give it a try.

 6 Reasons to Use Dryer Balls

Reasons To Use Dryer Balls:

1. Softens Laundry Naturally - No Chemicals Need
2. Add Essential Oils for Additional Benefits - Lavender or Lemon Works Great
3. Safe for those with Sensitive Skin & Babies
4. Shortens Drying Time (use 3 balls for small/medium load, 5-6 for large)
5. Eco-friendly - Saves Energy & Money
6. Replaces Dryer Sheets & Liquid Fabric Softeners - A Healthy Alternative For Natural Cleaning!

If you do not have any wool dryer balls you can use just a clean cloth as an alternative.  Just place several drops onto a clean washcloth and throw it into the dryer for a chemical free dryer sheet. 

Wool Dryer Ball Essential Oil Blend

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