Vetiver Essential Oil Uses, Benefits & Recipes

Vetiver Essential Oil Uses, Benefits & Recipes

Vetiver is a very sticky oil as it comes from a tree and just as trees are grounded and rooted, Vetiver also helps us feel grounded and rooted in our lives.

It roots the split or scattered person by affecting the Amygdala gland, so it is best to for the person suffering with these issues to not only put the oil on, but to smell it as much as possible.

This Amygdala gland in your brain is ONLY accessed by scent. It is the part of our body that holds emotional grief.

It works somewhat like this. You smell fresh baked cookies and you automatically find yourself thinking of your grandma who used to make you cookies all the time as a child. Or when you smell that fresh Christmas tree, it jogs your memory of that one amazing Christmas you'll never forget.

By smelling this oil, it will help you or your loved one feel much more calm and relaxed, not scattered or split. It deals with stress at the core level of your being. It is a great oil to rub on your brow bone. Keeping it near your face and put onto your head will affect your brain and help you to keep smelling that wonderful and healing scent all through out your day.

Vetiver Essential Oil Uses

#1. Focus & Concentration

Do you or your children struggle with concentration? It seems like it's becoming more and more common in our world. One of the best oils for lack of concentration or an all-over scattered feeling is Vetiver oil.

Everything is always on. You can drive up and get fast food in the middle of the night. Many gas stations are open 24 hours. Walmart is open 24 hours. Turn on your TV anytime you want and it'll be on. The internet is on 24/7. Our world is massively coming at us at all times. It's a wonder people have trouble concentrating. There are just so many distractions out there.

While we can turn off the TV or turn off our computers when we want, there ARE many distractions we can't turn off. Sometimes those distractions are inside of us. Sometimes they come in the form of a chemical imbalance.

Whatever the case may be and whatever the severity of the concentration and scattered issue that you or someone you know has, there is REAL help.

You can diffuse vetiver oil in an essential oil diffuser to get the benefits for the entire home, office or classroom. Another favorite way to apply is with a roller bottle. Simply place about 10 drops of vetiver oil in a roller bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with your favorite carrier oil and then you can just roll the oil on. 

#2. Restful Sleep

Sleep is vital for a healthy mind and body. Lack of sleep occurs, body functions begin to slow down. Vetiver is a fabulous oil for sleep. It can give your body the sleep it needs.

Make a vetiver Bedtime Roller: Place 10 drops of vetiver into a roller bottle, fill rest of bottle with carrier oil like jojoba oi. To use, roll on chest or wrists before bedtime, deeply inhale the aroma.

#3. Emotions

Vetiver is rich in sesquiterpenes, which contain grounding properties. When experiencing anxiety, nervousness, or stress...use vetiver topically or aromatically.

Create a vetiver inhaler, simply place 10 drops of vetiver (5 drops for a child) on cotton wick and place into inhaler. To use, hold open inhaler under nose and take a deep breathe in. Allow the aroma to soothe and calm you.

#4. Deep Relaxation

Vetivers easrthy scent provides aromatic benefits that calm and relax the mind and body.

Vetiver essential oil bath: Add 5 drops of oil to 1 tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil, mix together. Fill bath tub with warm water once desired level, add bath oil blend. Add 1/2 cup Eposom salt. Swirl with hand for an ideal bath that will be deeply relaxing.

#5. Ease Restless Thoughts

If you often lay awake at night from endless mind chatter or restless thoughts, give vetiver a try. Diffuser before bedtime, the powerful grounding aroma can help with relaxation, as well as ease your mind from stressful thoughts or dreams.

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Vetiver Essential Oil Uses For Lack Of Concentration

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