7 Benefits of Lime Water You Need in Your Life

7 Benefits of Lime Water You Need in Your Life

It may not look like much, taste like much…

But water is certainly an important part of our being!

Check out these key facts about water:

  • Your brain is 75% water
  • You blood is 92 % water
  • Your muscles are 75% water
  • Your bones are 22% water
  • You lose about 10 cups of water a day by urinating, sweating, and breathing
  • Feeling thirsty? You are already dehydrated!
  • Feeling slightly hungry? This could be a sign you are becoming dehydrated.


It’s no secret that water is important… but water is also a major part of YOU.

Therefore, drinking enough water is vital in regards to having great health and wellness.

But, why drink just plain water when you can kick it up a notch in both flavor AND health benefits?

You can easily amp up your water by adding just one ingredient… LIME! Cut some slices of lime or squeeze some lime juice into your water, it's that simple.

7 Benefits of Lime Water

#1. Improves Your Digestion

  • The acidic nature of limes helps your saliva break down food better.
  • Flavonoids stimulate digestive juices to be secreted.
  • Stimulates bowel activity.
  • Eases acid reflux and heartburn (mix 2 teaspoons of lime juice with warm water and drink before meals).

#2. Helps You Stay Slim

  • Limes contain citric acids, which boosts metabolism.
  • Helps your burn more calories and store less fat.
  • Start your day with a glass of lime water to kick your metabolism into high gear!

#3. Get Glowing Skin

  • Lime contains vitamin C and flavonoids.
  • Has antioxidants that strengthen collagen.
  • Hydrates and rejuvenates your skin.

#4. Combats Inflammation

  • The high vitamin C content in limes help reduce the level of inflammation in your body.
  • Helps ease symptoms relating to gout, arthritis, and joint pain.
  • Reduces uric acid levels, which can cause gout.

#5. Reduces Blood Sugar

  • Limes have a low glycemic index.
  • Helps regulate how your body absorbs sugar into your bloodstream.
  • Helpful for people with diabetes as an excellent source of vitamin C.

#6. Boosts Your Immune System

  • The antioxidants and vitamin C in limes strengthens your immune system.
  • Helps your body fight off infections like flus and colds.
  • Sipping on lime water may shorten the length of your sickness!

#7. Healthy For Your Heart

  • Limes have high levels of potassium and magnesium.
  • These elements support the health of your heart!
  • Potassium helps reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow.

What To Use

It is best to select fresh, organic limes from your local market. These offer the best health benefits.

Cut it into slices or wedges, and squeeze it into your water. The amount you put in is completely up to you and your taste!

Make it your goal to develop a habit of drinking water throughout the day so that all of your body’s systems can function smoothly… and keep you feeling fantastic!

Because, the scary truth is that when you aren’t drinking enough water - it leads to dehydration and will have a negative impact on your health.

And remember...

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

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7 Benefits of Lime Water You Need in Your Life

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