How to Use Beard Oil Plus DIY Eucalyptus Beard Oil

How to Use Beard Oil Plus DIY Eucalyptus Beard Oil

Facial hair is everywhere. If you take a look around, you’re likely going to spot quite a few men sporting facial hair, whether it be a full beard, mustache, or goatee. It’s estimated that 55% of the male population sports some sort of facial hair and that 1/3 of men in the United States have a beard.

Today, we’re going to be looking at helping these men to take care of their facial hair with DIY Eucalyptus Beard Oil, plus go over how to use beard oil.

Why Use Beard Oil?

Beard oils are wonderful for moisturizing the hair and the skin while also softening and taming hair. Beyond being a moisturizing agent, beard oil also doubles as a styling product for facial hair of all kinds.

How to Use Beard Oil Plus DIY Eucalyptus Beard Oil by Loving Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Beard Oil

Adding essential oils to a beard oil can help nourish and repair the facial hair, prevent infection and ingrown hairs, decrease dryness and itchiness, and prevent dandruff and acne.

Other therapeutic properties are realized as well from essential oil beard oil, including elevating mood, boosting immunity, and of course, giving a nice scent.

When you’re making a beard oil with essential oils, you want to take care to use more manly scents, some great options are:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Cedarwood
  • Vetiver
  • Rosemary
  • Frankincense
  • Tea Tree
  • Pine
  • Any of the tree oils

How to Use Beard Oil Plus DIY Eucalyptus Beard Oil by Loving Essential Oils

Eucalyptus Oil for Beard

You can use any type of eucalyptus for beard but in this recipe we are using Eucalyptus Globulus. Here is more information about this type of Eucalyptus Oil:

  • This is the most common type of the Eucalyptus varieties because of its high cineole content.
  • It is derived from the “Blue Gum” Eucalyptus native to Australia, steam distilled from leaves and twigs.
  • It has a deep camphorous, medicinal, fresh, clean, and bright aroma.

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Nourishing Eucalyptus Beard Oil

***Safety Note: Be sure you are using distilled lime in this recipe. Cold-pressed lime is phototoxic and can lead to burns.***

Here is a distilled Lime from Plant Therapy:

Distilled Lime for Beard Oil from Plant Therapy by Loving Essential Oils


In a 1-ounce dark glass container (I prefer bottles with droppers) add your drops of essential oil. Measure out your carrier oils and add to the bottle. Roll the bottle around gently in your hands to mix the oils. This recipe is at 1.5% dilution, good for everyday use.

How to Use Beard Oil

It’s best to use beard oil when you’re out of the shower or right after you’ve washed your face as damp hair and skin allows the follicles to absorb more of the oil.

Gently towel dry your face and facial hair, leaving the facial hair slightly damp. Add drops of the beard oil to your hands and rub them together to disperse evenly between both hands.

Start at the roots of your facial hair and massage the oil into the hair and underlying skin, then continue rubbing the oil down to the tips of your facial hair. You can then comb your facial hair, or finish styling it however your normally do.

It’s best to use the beard oil every day for optimal results, especially in the winter when it’s dry and our skin is more prone to drying out.

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How to Use Beard Oil Plus DIY Eucalyptus Beard Oil by Loving Essential Oils

How Much Oil Do I Need?

As you use the oil, you’ll find out how much you prefer to use. Below is just a handy suggestion guide to get you started:

  • Stubble – Use 1-2 drops of the beard oil
  • Facial Hair that’s 1-2” Long – 2-4 drops of beard oil
  • Facial Hair that’s 3-6” Long – 4-6 drops of beard oil
  • Facial Hair that’s longer than 6” – 7 or more drops of beard oil

It’s always best to start with less drops and add if you need to. Remember, it’s much easier to add more than it is to take some away once you’ve applied it.

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How to Use Beard Oil Plus DIY Eucalyptus Beard Oil by Loving Essential Oils

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